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Cross-Platform App Development

Deliver Across Platforms From A Single Codebase

Traditional app development is full of problems and limitations — from talent shortages to project silos and split codebases — that slow down the development process and limit what businesses are capable of creating.

Keeping pace with updated packages, security best practices, and a growing backlog is no easy feat. With guaranteed response times and a dedicated point-of-contact, you can rest easy knowing that the premium and open-source software you depend on will always be ready to help you reach your goals.


Cross-platform development is the process of creating software that can run on multiple platforms, such as Android, iOS, and Windows. This can be done using a variety of tools and frameworks, and there are many benefits to using cross-platform development solutions.


Some of the benefits of using cross-platform development solutions include:

Reduced development costs: By using a single codebase for multiple platforms, you can significantly reduce the development costs of your project.

Faster time to market: Cross-platform development can help you to get your product to market faster, as you do not need to develop separate versions for each platform.

Increased reach: By developing for multiple platforms, you can reach a wider audience of potential users.

Improved user experience: Cross-platform development can help you to create a consistent user experience across all platforms, which can improve user satisfaction.

Flexibility: Cross-platform development gives you the flexibility to choose the best platform for your needs. If you need to target a specific platform, you can do so without having to rewrite your code.

Enterprise Grade Platform

Protect your users with best-in-class mobile security, including user authentication, identity management and encrypted storage. Deployed in minutes.

Many enterprise mobile apps use unsecure practices. They store tokens unencrypted or use weak authentication logic that can be easily compromised. No company can afford to take that chance.


Our crossplatform stack, is a multi-layered front-end security to protect users from data loss and unauthorised access. This includes advanced solutions for enabling biometrics security, secure single sign-on, and encrypted storage on-device.


Companies can be confident that their mobile apps are secure and that their users’ data is protected.

Common App Requirements

Below is a list of critical app requirements that should be taken into high consideration.

Flexible deployment options that can run on virtually any platform Desktop, Phones, Tablets, Cars, IoT and more - all from a single codebase.

Mobile device features - Achieve native capabilities to build from scratch or to expand your existing native mobiles apps coherently.

Performance and user experience - Mobile app performance is absolutely critical to delivering a great user experience. Checkout some of this examples Sanvello and Sworkit, to highly popular apps like Shipt and Untappd.

Secure offline access and storage - have total confidence that users data will stay private by utilising military-grade data at-rest encryption.

Multi-Disciplinary Philosophy

A multidisciplinary philosophy is a way of thinking about product development that brings together different disciplines, such as engineering, design, and business, to create a more holistic and integrated product.

This approach can be very effective in achieving effective digital product development because it allows teams to consider all aspects of the product, from its technical feasibility to its user experience.


How We Deliver Solutions That Provide Value


  • Product Management
  • Cloud First Approach
  • Product As A Service
  • Headless / MACH Architecture
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We have a proven track record of helping businesses integrate AI into their operations. We have a team of experienced AI experts who can work with you to understand your needs, identify the right AI solutions for your business, and implement them successfully.

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We offer a variety of AI integration services, including:


Discovery and assessment: We will work with you to understand your business needs and goals, and assess your current systems and processes.


Solution design and development: We will design and develop a customized AI solution that meets your specific needs.


Implementation and support: We will implement your AI solution and provide ongoing support to ensure that it is successful.

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