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AI-Powered Quality Assurance for Health Product Manufacturing

A leading Australian health product manufacturer with a history of exceptional quality assurance.

The Challenge.

Rapid growth, fueled by COVID-19 and health concerns, necessitated a surge in customer contact center staff, many hired remotely across the Asia-Pacific region. Training new staff, particularly remote teams, while maintaining meticulous quality control posed a significant challenge.

The Solution.

Tedix implemented a secure, AI-powered solution seamlessly integrated within the client’s existing Salesforce case management system. This solution leveraged no-code and low-code tools to:

  • Automate Quality Checks: The AI ingested case details and ensured all responses, actions, and solutions adhered to established procedures, best practices, and safety measures.
  • Privacy by Design: Leveraging Salesforce security and data grouping, client data remained within their secure boundaries.
  • Seamless Integration: Salesforce Flow Builder ensured smooth integration with external AI services within the existing case management interface.
  • Low-Code Development: Flowise and Strapi facilitated integration with external AI engines without extensive coding.

The Results.

  • Streamlined Workflow: Team leaders reviewed cases with 90% confidence thanks to AI-powered quality checks.
  • Productivity Boost: Contact center staff saved an average of 2 hours per day due to AI assistance.
  • Quality Continuity: AI ensured consistent quality control despite rapid staff growth.

The Impact.

Tedix delivered a user-friendly solution that maximised the client’s existing tech stack, empowering them to leverage AI without becoming AI experts. This resulted in improved quality control, increased productivity, and the ability to seamlessly scale operations.

Example Demonstration.

Click here to view an example demo on YouTube.


AI, Automation, Flowise, Salesforce, Strapi


June 24, 2024